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Founder and Managing Director at ethical and sustainable marketing agency Reward since 2014, founded at age 21.


Written, designed and published Serve - the marketing book for ethical and sustainable marketer and entrepreneurs.

I'm Mitchel White

Growing up in Wolverhampton I always dreamed about running businesses, taking part in business challenges and selling handmade cards at school fairs was my first venture into running my own business. Leaving school 6 months into sixth form and home at 18, I moved to Manchester and started freelancing as a Graphic Designer before launching my branding and marketing agency Reward at 21.

I write regularly about my struggles with my mental health and things that have happened in my personal and business life to hopefully show a more realistic view of entrepreneurship outside of the shiny one portrayed by other successful business owners. Life and business are tough and my aim now is to pass on my learnings and inspire others to commit to a better way of business, a more ethical and sustainable way to combine the power of business and doing good.

This site is the home of my personal blogs and more about my story as an entrepreneur.

When I’m not writing or working with ethical brands, you’ll find me in the gym, walking my dog Alfie or reading. Life as a business owner is a juggling act but I’m slowly starting to address the work life balance and have never felt more healthy and motivated.

Like most people in life it hasn’t been easy and I’ve dealt with my fair share of ups and downs. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I have a lot to learn still but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way on my journey to where I am today. Hopefully you’ll find some value in the content I share here and use it to commit to achieving the change you want to see in the world.

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